Jungle @ The Echo - 3/17/2014

First LA appearance for this awesome funk and soul filled band out of the UK.  When I first heard Jungle’s debut EP “The Heat” about 6 or so months ago I wasn’t even sure if this was an actual band.  It sort of had that sound like it could have been produced in someone’s bedroom on an MPC, full of samples or self recorded instrumentation.  Adding to the mystery is the lack of information about the band or people behind it out on the interwebs, not to mention the cover of the EP being two black men lounging back on a couch decked out in full matching Adidas jumpsuits so you can only really assume that this must be the band.  What’s the point of all this?  I’m not really sure, and honestly I don’t really care.

To my pleasant surprise and delight, they ended up being a full 5-piece band with the two main front-men (worth mentioning that they are white) as well as the back-up vocalist that you hear in the recordings, live and in person.  This show is definitely near the top of the list so far this year.  Amazing performance, can’t wait to see them again and to hear a full length from this band.

Experimental Anarchist Puppeteer Gently Clashes With NYPD in Times Square

fuck the police


u go kalan

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Nomads In LA

So a few years ago I started a set on my Flickr called “Nomads In LA” which is basically just a set of photos featuring random adventures around LA shooting random shit or just things I’m doing and happen to have my camera along, some might call it street photography.

Since I got my X-E2 that pretty much never leaves my shoulder I have started shooting a lot more street shit.  This camera is so much more discrete and captures the most aesthetically pleasing photos so instead of just keeping these photos hidden away in my hoard of stuff that I’ll never post I’m going to start doing a weekly or bi-weekly blog post called, you guessed it, “Nomads In LA” that will feature the best of these photos or really just whatever I feel like sharing.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy experiencing these moments and capturing them and the people/places that are a part of them.

James Supercave @ The Echo - 3/17/2014

Check these guys out of you get a chance.  This Los Angeles band has a bit of soul, a bit of rock-n-roll, a bit of pop all in just the right amounts.

They recently released their debut EP called “The Afternoon” and you can listen to it in its entirety over on their Bandcamp.

These photos are from they second Monday of their residency at the Echo last month and although these shows are normally free, this night was special and they stepped aside to allow the UK’s Jungle to jump into the spotlight for their LA debut.  Peep them on the next post.

This beat is so fucking dope.  One of my favorite sessions from OOTF.


Marian Hill “Lovit” / Out Of Town Films

Back in January, we spent some time with the Philly electropop duo, Marian Hill, at the middle school where the two first met to document two songs in their old auditorium. It was where they got their start, singing and performing in the middle school theatre. Here’s the second release from that day, “Lovit”. 

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▶ Soulection ~ The Sound of Tomorrow
▶ facebook.com/soulection | twitter.com/soulection

◈ Discover: @tom-misch
◈ Full EP: https://soundcloud.com/soulection/sets/tom-misch-soulection-white-1
◈ #WhiteLabelFriday

As we get ready for a busy summer, of spreading the sound of tomorrow across the globe, we can’t help but take a step back and bring you all the feel good, forward thinking music you know and love from Soulection. This installment of our White Label series comes from 18 year old London composer, songwriter, guitarist, singer & violinist, Tom Misch. We felt the need to list all of this in the description, because each track is such an audio masterpiece. This one is for everyone, but true fans of Dilla, and smooth, mellow, R&B inspired hip-hop beats, will definitely enjoy this release.

“Basically this EP is me attempting to make instrumentals that will effect people moods in a positive way but also make people think, all produced and recorded by myself in my bedroom. I’ve used a combination of obscure jazz samples but mostly live instrumentation that I’ve recorded, so I recored guitar, violin, bit of vocals and sound effects etc.” -Tom Misch

▶ Download Tom Misch’s latest release ‘Beat Tape 1’ via http://tommisch1.bandcamp.com/

◈ Make sure to catch up on our whole White label Series here: soundcloud.com/soulection/sets/soulection-white-label-series

◈ Executive Produced: Joe Kay
◈ Artwork: Andre Power!

For more info go to ➫ soulection.com

One of my favorite tracks off the new Jason Molina tribute album.  Also featuring my buddy Luke Redfield.  Check out this album Farewell Transmission and support the Jason Molina Fund to help his family payoff the medical bills that piled up before his passing.


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Oh, hey! 10 on 10 - April 2014

I’ll keep it short and sweet this month since I’m sure none of you actually read that ridiculously long post last month.

This month’s theme in really just one day in my life from start to finish.  I don’t have any routines so this changes pretty much everyday.

Also the other thing was that I edited on these with the new(ish) VSCO Film 4 & 5 presets as a basis and then went from there.  Although I don’t usually use these, it was a fun little experiment and I was surprisingly happy with the results.  They integrated some of my favorite films into these two new packs and It’s also kinda fun to match film brands to the type of camera you’re shooting.  So many of these are Fuji film presents for my X-E2.  Also using the ones with camera profiles really has this down to a science.  VSCO film is pretty cool but with that said, I think it’s a little over used in the photography world as well.

On to the photos!  Click on thumbs to view larger and uncropped.  Squarespace’s “gallery” management is kinda whack.  I wish it had a version that worked nice and smooth autocropping/aligning like Tumblr’s photo gallery manager does.  Whatever I suppose.

Until next time and please take a minute to peep the other April 10 on 10’ers below:

Courtney Z Photography

CLB Creative

Twinty Photography

Anya Elise Photography

I hope I do something great enough that somebody writes me a letter like this one day.  Actually Out Of Town Films, I’m about to launch my own sessions project in May(ish) a lot because of inspiration you guys gave me!  Decided I needed to do something with the hundreds of bands/friends i’ve met over the last few years of going to shows in LA.


This is excellent. 


Gaze - In the Crowd

Love getting letters like this one from Tony Zhang:

hi mark,

this is tony from philadelphia who makes music under the name of gaze. first i just wanna say that youre such an inspiration to not only the local music scene but around the world. i always looked up to you so this would be so wonderful if you read this letter or even listened to my music.

anyways, ive been writing songs ever since i was 14 and now im 16. something that really inspired my music was my life and the plant aloe vera, i dont know why but i find that specific succulent amazingly beautiful. it kind of symbolizes my life at this certain age. i remember last summer i would write random songs and record them on my laptop right next to my aloe plants in my bedroom. and some nights i would drink all my mom’s wine and cry and write songs about how boring and dry my life was. not really sure how to describe my music style but dreamy is definitely the word. or maybe chillwave?

what i really focus on my music is the melody and the synths. i dont necessarily spend that much of time on writing lyrics because i know i suck at it but sometimes i get stuck for a while then something just comes to my mind the door gets opened. i only have 3 songs right now on bandcamp but i used to have an entire album on there, i deleted it and have been working on new songs ever since. if you want to listen to more of it definitely write me back and ill send you some of the old stuff and new stuff i worked on. lets be friends and hang one day

yours truly,

gaze n_n

Ps: oops srry man i really suck at writing letters u_u i hope you bared with it 

Read more Letters to YVYNYL


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MARCH - Rock Paper Scissors Mixtape - Vol. 04

Life has put me a little behind schedule for this (last) month’s mixtape.  But it will be worth the wait, I promise.

So much good music coming your way this month I don’t even know where to start, wait, actually I do…

Starting and ending this month is my fondest new music discovery in quite some time.  Gleemer, this two piece from Colorado caught my attention on first listen via UK music blog Gold Flake Paint (check them out) when they premiered their new single “Tooms” around mid-March.  Quickly following, I made my way over to Bandcamp to discover two more amazing albums from 2013, and EP and an LP that are both so great from start to finish that you should go over there right now and give them all your money.  But seriously, do it.

Quick mentions here of a few more of the features I’m excited about this month (really I’m excited about all of them) but anyways.  If you’re a fan of hip-hop then two people that should have been on your radar by now are Grieves and Budo, that used to be a single name via 2010’s “88 Keys & Counting” which introduced me to these two as a duo.  I’m bringing you new solo material from both, Grieves’ new full-length released last week and Budo’s first official LP that released late 2013 although it is new to me as Grieves’ new release got me wondering what happened to Budo so I went searching and came across the absolutely fantastic “The Finger & The Moon”.  Anyways, check em’ out.  One of the sickest flows out of Grieves and a classically trained beatmaker with Budo (no for real, he’s classically trained and plays all the instruments on his beats including trumpet).  They’re based out of Seattle.

Sydney, Australia’s Great Mob's heartfelt songwriting and beautiful arrangements is what got me listening and after reading their story via Bandcamp, I’m really happy I found this band.  They deserve great things and I hope they accomplish it!

Thanks to Burgerama, I was introduced to American Culture.  Another band from Colorado and they were so cool they even GAVE me a limited edition handmade cassette of their newly released EP “Actual Alien”.  They were awesome live, I just wish they had more stuff online because I don’t even have a cassette player.

Alright, fuck the rambling because I know you’re not reading it anyhow.  Enjoy the tunes.


**This link will EXPIRE on April 14th, 2014!



01 - Gleemer - Tooms  — BANDCAMP FACEBOOK

- Colorado’s new native sons bringing you guitar driven shoegazey dream-pop accompanied by mesmerizing vocals straight outta the Mile High City.


- Every Williamsburg hipster’s favorite new band.  Seriously, how pretentious do you have to be to make NY sound like the UK, hailing from Bushwick, BK.  Since when did Brooklyn become a state?  He has this two track single for sale on Bandcamp for $1,000, so I stole it.

03 - Wolf Collage - Something Like That  — BANDCAMP FACEBOOK

- Wolf Collage is still deciding what type of music he wants to make, but while all over the place it’s all pretty stellar.  So, wherever you decide to go I’ll support you.

04 - Greta Mob - The Little Champ  — OFFICIAL BANDCAMP FACEBOOK

- I want to call this alternative country but it’s more rock-n-roll than that.  Good music, good album, glad they made it.

05 - American Culture - I Like American Culture  — OFFICIAL

- I wanted to feature their single “Actual Alien” but I couldn’t find it anywhere.  Punky Powerpop out of the Mile High City.  See them live if you can.

06 - Grieves - Like Child  — OFFICIAL iTUNES FACEBOOK

- Captivating voice as a singer and exceptional flow as a rapper.  Have loved this dude since I first heard his collaboration with Budo.  His entire discography is worthy of a listen.

07 - Sisyphus - Calm It Down  — OFFICIAL BANDCAMP FACEBOOK

- Pretty awesome debut from newly born collaboration of Sufjan Stevens (how do you pronounce that), Song Lux, and Serengeti.  A little soul, a little hip-hop, some synths, and just all around good vibes.

08 - The Death Rattles - In The Morning  — BANDCAMP FACEBOOK

- Country Bluegrass from the Land Down Under.  I just get a lot of reminders of things I like a lot from this debut album.  Thanks to bandcamphunter for this one, actually thanks to him for a lot of things that have or will end up on these mixtapes at some point or another.

09 - James Supercave - The Afternoon (As Bad As It Seems)  — OFFICIAL BANDCAMP FACEBOOK

- Snagged this on vinyl at their Echo residency a few weeks back.  Digging these guys and they’re great live.  He wears cool shoes and does an improvised moonwalk too.  It’s some form of pop, souly, music.


- Master beatmaker and pretty damn good singer too.  So much soul ringing from this man’s music.  Horns, keys, guitars, he’s a musical genius with beautiful arrangements.  His debut “The Finger & The Moon” will probably make your jaw drop.

11 - Spring King - Mumma  —  SOUNDCLOUD FACEBOOK

- These boys are back with a single for their Mum.  And it’s a good one, in fact you should probably go play it for your own Mom. (BTW, this song isn’t really about moms, but still)  Check out last years debut full length “All This Murk and Dirt”.  It was one of my favorites.

12 - Vikesh Kapoor - The Ballad of Willy Robbins  — OFFICIAL BANDCAMP FACEBOOK

- Storyteller for the ages.  Title track from his debut LP, it’s the story of a working man from start to finish.  I like it.  Got to see him live and it was a real treat.  This might be cliche but he really does kinda sound like Bob Dylan.

13 - Pinact - We Wanna Go There  — BANDCAMP FACEBOOK

- Lo-Fi Pop Rock greatness from the UK.  These guys make me smile and make me “… wanna go there.”, wherever that may be, because it really can be ANYWHERE!  Off of the amazing split comp from Reeks of Effort and Art is Hard.

14 - Gleemer - Killing Machine  — BANDCAMP FACEBOOK

- I love these guys so much I had to give you two songs.  Seriously, click on the fucking link and go listen to and buy the shit out of this music on Bandcamp.  Their new LP Holyland, USA is due out anyday now.  Little delayed for reasons yet to be announced from the band but it is coming soon and I, personally, cannot wait!  Join the Gold Flake Paint singles club to get the full Tooms EP exclusively from them ahead of the full length release.